Ask Jack: How can I use airport and hotel wifi safely

How to See Who's On Your Wi-Fi | PCMag Apr 06, 2020 Unsecured WiFi network - What are the risks of using WiFi And most business offer WiFi as a free service to their customers, generally using an unsecured WiFi network. Therefore you can visit airports, cafes, shopping centers, restaurants or hotels and get a free internet connection very easily… WiFi is part of the landscape. And people love it!

How to protect your data when using public Wi-Fi | Network

You need a VPN when accessing public Wi-Fi. Here's why

Apr 14, 2018

Is Hotel Wi-Fi Safe? Staying Secure on Public Wi-Fi | Norton Potential consequences of using unsecured hotel Wi-Fi. Sure, public Wi-Fi is convenient. But here are some examples of how your personal information can become compromised over public Wi-Fi. Stolen credit card numbers. It can be easy for hackers to steal your credit card information when you’re using public Wi-Fi.