May 13, 2018

BlackVPN Review [2020]: No Logs, Allows Torrenting & Streaming BlackVPN is located in Hong Kong. This VPN is the product of a company called BlackVPN Ltd. It operates 31 servers across 18 countries which right off the bat does not sound like a lot.. Although, we have seen some incredible speeds and quality from VPNs with a low server count. [SOLVED] DNS Leak with BlackVPN / Networking, Server, and Dec 09, 2016 No traffic logs. No connection logs. No DNS logs - Medium Jun 05, 2015 BlackVPN router review | Are BlackVPN routers secure?

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Feb 28, 2011

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So far BlackVPN worked pretty well for… So far BlackVPN worked pretty well for a year, but while security and privacy-wise seems to be top notch the server speeds aren't so good, even after changing multiple locations I could barely reach 40-60 mbps instead of the 200 my ISP provides me (and no, my 5GHz WiFi isn't the issue) so it's not completely suitable for torrenting and content consumption. Test Your VPN for DNS Leaks If you’ve just gotten or have been using a VPN service, you’re doing a good job of protecting your privacy. There’s one thing that users oftentimes fail to look for, however: a DNS leak.This is when the DNS requests from your computer are going to a server that is not secure and, thus, where you are inadvertently letting anyone spying on you know where you’re going.