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Top Speed - Car News And Reviews, Videos, Wallpapers Originally designed to pay tribute to the original Jaguar D-Type and C-Type, Jaguar took the F-Type and turned it into the Project 7 concept way back in 2013. Menu - Top Speed Thai Thai style curry l Thai herbs l fresh chilli paste l basil leaves l coconut milk l Peanut. Green Curry Thai style curry l green chilli paste l kaffir lime leave l basil leave l coconut milk. Massaman Beef 16.9 (with Roti 18.9) Traditional Massaman curry l slow cooked beef l coconut milk l mashed potatoes l onions l cashew nuts. With Fried Rice Top Speed Thai in North Willoughby (NSW) - Restaurant Top Speed Thai also offers you the opportunity to create your own meal meaning you can create your own masterpiece to match your own unique taste buds! Best dish: spicy chilli jam crispy pork- crispy pork stir fried with spicy chilli jam sauce, vegetables and basil leave. Features.