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May 21, 2009 Easy and Free Ways to Speed up Your Computer Jul 07, 2020 How to Speed Up Windows XP - Make Your Computer Run Like If you are using Windows XP operating system, I highly suggest you follow the 3 steps to speed up Windows XP. Step1: Make a full scan to check spyware and virus if you want to speed up Windows XP Spyware can automatically infiltrate into your computer when you are surfing on the Internet or downloading files. Optimize Windows for better performance - Windows Help

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There are many different settings that we can change within Windows XP that will increase the speed of your computer. To increase the speed of Windows XP, use the following steps: Stop programs from starting when Windows XP starts. The more programs that are running in the background, the slower Windows XP will be running. Speed Up Windows XP - How to Speed Up Your Windows XP Jun 21, 2019

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