Facebook was initially banned in the country after the 2009 election amid fears that opposition movements were being organised via the website. But things may be beginning to looking up as Iran’s Culture Minister, Ali Jannati, recently remarked that social networks should be made accessible to ordinary Iranians. China

May 02, 2019 · Facebook announced Thursday that it plans to ban a group of far-right media personalities as well as Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, from its social network and Instagram. Apr 24, 2018 · Facebook released its "Community Standards" on Tuesday, a list of official rules that outlines the types of posts that can get you banned from using Facebook. It also outlines the types of users Jan 16, 2014 · They way Facebook, has dominated the social media circuit for the past decade it is no–brainer that many countries are joining the bandwagon at an astonishing rate.It is the number 1 most popular site in the world with an estimated 1.68 billion distinct user in the world. Mar 31, 2016 · The company has restricted content at the behest of countries such as Russia—despite the fact that Russia would appear to have no legal jurisdiction over Facebook, given that the company does Jul 13, 2020 · Facebook Banned Countries | Unknown facts about Facebook | interesting facts about Facebook| In this video we will cover some unknown facts of facebook ya isko aap aise kehe sakte hi ki

The conversations that happen on Facebook reflect the diversity of a community of more than two billion people communicating across countries and cultures and in dozens of languages, posting

Sep 13, 2019 · A week ago, Russia accused Facebook and Google of “illegal” and “unacceptable” election interference during a poll in the country. The communication regulator Roskomnadzor claimed the U.S. Jul 07, 2019 · In the first quarter of 2019, Facebook banned over 2 billion user accounts. During that same time, the Elliott Advocacy team received a surge of pleas for help from banned Facebook users. These former Facebookers all want the same thing: to reclaim their accounts and return to the popular virtual community.

2 days ago · Chinese Telecom Sector Forecasts Growth Despite Its Telcos Banned In Several Countries China's vice-minister of Industry & Information Technology, said industrial output of information transmission, software and IT grew by by 14.5 on yearly basis.

A number of countries have actually forbidden their nationals to use Facebook for various reasons. Whatever these reasons are, these are probably serving the best interests of these countries. According to one source, Facebook was banned in Bangladesh because of the publication of satirical images of the prophet Muhammad on their site. Mar 03, 2015 · The Syrian government banned Facebook in 2007 to clampdown on political activism on the internet. In 2011 President Bashar al-Assad unblocked Facebook after a five year ban. Egypt. A ban on Facebook and other social media sites was imposed in 2011 when Egyptians used the sites to organize protests. The block on Facebook lasted several days