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Sharing Your Computer's Internet Connection | Windows 10 Internet Connection Sharing can work pretty well, but normally you’d want to use it only in these circumstances: You have a wired connection that’s available only to your computer. For example, your broadband router is connected directly to your computer via USB and doesn’t have an Ethernet port or wireless capabilities. share internet connection over wifi using 2.4GHz instead 2020-7-10 · For purpose of sharing internet connection to WiFi devices I've used either command line or very easy to setup and use program Virtual Route Manager v1.0. But it creates network using 5GHz band (channel 36). And now I have an Android device not working in this range. I've tried all the 7 ways to share ethernet. There is no advice how to setup

How to share Wi-Fi in Windows 8 with Internet connection

OT: Sharing internet access and WiFi, guest access (and TV My friend John is temporarily living in my other house while we do some renovations, and helping me with various jobs, until he can find a more permanent living arrangement and better employment opportunities. My property is situated in a hollow (or "holler"), and it has always been hard to get acceptable TV JavaMifi – WiFi Rental in Indonesia | Internet for

8) After enabling the Internet connection sharing feature, the other network card connected to the home or other network would be assigned a static IP address with netmask (It would be the wired network adapter in this case). This ICS host will act as a DHCP server and assign other IP addresses in the 192.168.137.x/24 range to other client computers.

Internet sharing - ArchWiki - Arch Linux 2020-4-26 · (Discuss in Talk:Internet sharing#) Instead of using DHCP, on each client PC, add an IP address and the default route: # ip addr add dev eth0 # arbitrary address, first three blocks must match the address from above # ip link set up dev eth0 # ip route add default via dev eth0 # same address as in the beginning